by Beige Monk

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Avery Jackel-Fitzgerald
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Avery Jackel-Fitzgerald This album is a ride. The good kind of ride. The kind where you put on some headphones and close your eyes and just get taken away.

Also now I really want some cola. Favorite track: We want you. (I-II: Relatability Personnel Marketing).
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God drinks Coca-Cola™.
What do you drink?


released March 8, 2017

Written and recorded in February, 2017 as part of the RPM Challenge.
Didgeridoo played and recorded by Dylan Tucker.
All other sounds created by Aidan Haupt.



all rights reserved


Beige Monk Atlantic Highlands, New Jersey

Music for the androgynous youth.

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Track Name: Today's Prescription
We stood behind the turnstile
Watching subway people shuffle their tags
Once we get tired and thirsty
We turn to the best friend thirst ever had
We drink Coca-Cola
Can’t Beat the Real Thing
I love to drink Coca-Cola
So ice-cold and refreshing
Track Name: We want you. (I-II: Relatability Personnel Marketing)
Last that I remember we were at the turnstile
Staring into the subway car
Watching people trading names
Wearing branded shirts, drinking their frozen Starbucks
Their colors merged together
So that orange and blue and green were all Beige to us
We listened to the crowd
Without listening to any one person

Why would I buy it on DVD
When I can watch it on putlocker
Why should I fiddle with this jewel case
When I can post it on bandcamp then throw it away

Art has an inherent value
It totals $35 per piece, all depending on
Market fluctuation (check the simulation)
Stockbrokers shaking hands, shaking shaking shaking hands
Thank you for this opportunity. they say
in capital letters in capital letters
Oh, it’s so efficient, it’s so profitable,
All the people on the subway whose voice have merged together
They sound like this yeah they sound like this like they

There are people here
There are people here who stop and stare
There are people here who stop and stare and acknowledge you
Yes you
You in the audience, you behind the camera, you in the Beige shirt
There are people here and they want you
They want you
I used to hate my mind but
now I just hate my
body, false body
is sitting down
on my seat
seat i have called mine

Run, there are people
they are staying
you are leaving
they want you to
stay too, want you with
them. stay with them
but there is nothing here for you

I was told that it is not okay
for you to say
you hate your body
or yourself; That it is
normal only to love,
Never to find, never to find
the other half of that coin
Track Name: We want you. (III-IV: Reality Pagan Mortido)
On treacherous land, two masses move closer and closer
They are terrified of each other
They like it that way
Bad communication is holding us hostage as we stumble over words
Invented by jesters
But we like it that way

(I thought you understood my mood my message what I tried to convey
I thought you didn’t want to hear something - I don’t feel right asking)
They are here now
It’s the right day
They’ve been waiting for a long, long time, yes they have
They’ve been waiting for you
And your car is leaving but they want you to stay, stay, stay
You should be honored. They can do everything you can and more, and still they want you.
They want you.